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Our work philosophy consists oftotal commitment to the satisfaction of our patients, in the search for results that broadly correspond to your expectations.


We perform surgical and aesthetic procedures widely recognized by the international scientific community, such as:


Breast Surgery

  • Reduction mammoplasty

  • Augmentation mammoplasty

  • Silicone Prosthesis Implant

Abdomen Surgery

  • Liposuction

  • Miniabdomen

  • Abdominoplasty

  • Liposculpture

Face Surgery

  • Rhytidoplasty

  • Blepharoplasty

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Otoplasty

  • Mentoplasty

Buttock Implant

Aesthetic Procedures

  • Botulinum Toxin

  • Fillers

  • Peels

  • Pigmentation

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